CEDEC press release: Congress 2018 "Sustainability first : A central role for decentralised energy systems"

CEDEC Congress 2018

Local energy companies are at the heart of the change

and at the centre of the green energy transition”

states European Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič


Brussels, 16 October 2018. Under the theme “Sustainability first: A central role for decentralised energy systems”, CEDEC Annual Congress brought together this year a large audience of high-level speakers and participants from European local energy companies, European Institutions and members states representatives, as well as other stakeholders in energy and climate policy.

“TheClean Energy Package will deliver!” declared European Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič addressing the participants of CEDEC 2018 annual Congress.

In his keynote speech, healso pointed out the critical role of CEDEC members, as local energy players, in the success of the Clean Energy Package: “You are at the heart of the change and at the centre of the green transition”.

After an open debate with MEP Martina Werner and BEUC,  CEDEC’s President, Andreas Feicht, recalledthe importance of the initiatives of the local energy companies to best serve their customers, in the general interest of the local authorities. “With the changes and challenges brought by the decentralisation of the energy system, by the digitalisation and by the entrance of new players in the market, the new rules  for the Market Design must allow local energy companies to continue to  innovate !”

On the potential contribution of decentralised and integrated energy systems the CEDEC Congress provided a unique opportunity to exchange strategic views  on the need for integrated solutions, with contributions from smart city initiatives, energy storage and gas (grids) in achieving this goal.  

In a dedicated session on data-related threats and opportunities of future energy systems, panellists discussed intensely the questions raised by the digitalisation of our energy system. How to deal with data privacy? How to ensure cybersecurity in electric utilities while the fragility of digitized systems and the threat of cyberattacks is growing ? Is the EU framework on GDPR and re-use of “public” data fit for purpose ? How far should the DSO as market facilitator go in making data widely available to service providers ?  

CEDEC hopes that the open debate on these strategic issues will inspire the final negotiations on the Clean Energy Package, paving the way for an innovative and integrated energy system in the future, with a central role for decentralized energy actors.     


CEDEC Background information

CEDEC represents the interests of more than 1500 local and regional energy companies, serving 85 million electricity and gas customers & connections.

These predominantly small and medium-sized local and regional energy companies are active in every part of the value chain and have developed activities as local electricity and heat generators, electricity and natural gas distribution system operators (including metering & data management), and energy (services) suppliers.

The wide range of services provided by local utility companies is reliable, sustainable and close to the customer. Through their investments and the creation of local jobs, they make a significant contribution to local and regional economic development.